Market Commentary

Weekly Newsletter: February 20, 2024

"Last week, economic data suggested the Fed has yet to win its fight against inflation, although there was a sign that economic growth might be moderating."    View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: February 12, 2024

"For decades, China was among the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, the pace of economic growth in China slowed over the last decade and dropped sharply during the pandemic."    View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: February 5, 2024

"Layoffs often are a sign the economy is losing steam, but that doesn't appear to have been the case in January since employers added more than 353,000 new jobs during the month, reported the Bureau of Labor."  View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 29, 2024

"The United States economy is not performing the way anyone thought it would. Instead of tipping into a recession last year, it crushed expectations."  View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 22, 2024

"Many consumers are feeling more optimistic than they have in a while. Last week, the University of Michigan reported that consumer sentiment is soaring."  View Newsletter »

Weekly Newsletter: January 16, 2024

"Recently there has been a lot of information about inflation. Some seem to support the idea that inflation is sticky, meaning it isn't moving lower, while other data suggests inflation is in retreat."  View Newsletter »